Chemistry Olympiad

Chemistry Olympiad

MPW Chemistry students had their most successful first round of the Chemistry Olympiad in terms of number of medals won. Of the 12 students who participated this year, three were awarded Silver medals and six Bronze.

For the first time since MPW London have participated in the competition, which is run by the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Year-12 student scored the highest mark, just missing a Gold medal by one mark. Congratulations go to Paul Li for such an outstanding achievement: let’s hope he can go one better next year.

As always, the competition was incredibly tough, with students expected to use their knowledge of Chemistry in a variety of unusual contexts ranging from the synthesis of spot cream to the chemicals used as a defence mechanism by the Bombardier beetle.

This year’s final, to be held in Vietnam, will see four students representing Great Britain competing against 71 other countries. Next year it could be you.