Christmas Bake Sale

London A74

The year 10 cohort have been working on the volunteering section of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award since September. They have worked hard in groups to research which charities they would like to support to fulfil their volunteering. Every year we run a charity bake sale; each student is required to bake up to 15 cupcakes or one whole cake to support the bake sale in raising money for their chosen charities. This year the group have chosen three charities that they would like to raise donations for:

  • WaterAid
  • Darulaceze
  • United World Schools

WaterAid provides clean water and toilets to people who do not have these, and also improves their knowledge of hygiene. Darulaceze is a charity based in Turkey who deliver hospice care. United World Schools works to provide free education for children in developing and war-torn regions of the world.

The group have been fantastic in debating about why they have chosen their charities and have had to present their chosen charity to various groups in the college in an effort to convince more students to support their charity. They also contacted several bakeries and asked if they could donate and contribute towards this bake sale. Hummingbird immediately agreed and donated 30 cupcakes for the students to sell to the rest of the school. During the day they worked extremely well as a group, supporting each other and arranging groups to tackle each building so that the cakes could sell as much as possible. We are all very proud of them for their efforts and hard work for such a good cause. They raised a total of £505.96! Well done year 10!

Nora Alihajdaraj