Duke of Edinburgh Award: Fundraising for Project Harar

Duke of Edinburgh Award: Fundraising for Project Harar

We are the Year-10 group at MPW doing the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. As part of this, we needed to complete the Volunteering section and we decided on a fundraising activity. We chose to put on a ‘Bake Sale’ at college because we believed it would raise a lot of money and it would be really fun. We had to choose a charity and we decided to choose one that was less well known. Project Harar was one that really stood out for us because it is a great charity that transforms many lives by providing operations for children of the rural poor in Ethiopia who have been born with facial disfigurements such as cleft palates. Many of these children are marginalised by society because of their appearance, so the work that the charity undertakes changes not just the individuals’ health but their whole lives.

With the help of our Duke of Edinburgh Leader, John Southworth, we spent many weeks planning the bake sale and we were honoured to have the founder and trustee of Project Harar, Jonathan Crown, come and talk to us. This made us feel so much closer to the charity and we really felt that our efforts were going to change children’s lives. We spent our Duke of Edinburgh classes working out who was going to bring what and how we were going to raise as much money as possible. We designed posters to put up around the school and even flyers to hand out to students.

On the day of the bake sale, everybody in the group brought in something and we had 50 cookies, about 150 doughnuts, 70 muffins and around 200 cupcakes in all. We were so happy with how everything came together. We sold all day and in the end we were delighted to find out how much money we made: an amazing total of £515. When we paid the money to Project Harar, did so through ‘The Big Give’ which doubled the funds we made! So in effect we were able to donate £1030. We could not be happier with how the Bake Sale went and even though it was a long day of selling we know that we have changed several children’s lives through just our efforts. We would really like to thank all the staff and students for supporting us on the day.

Georgia Mullen, on behalf of the Year-10 Duke of Edinburgh Group