One-Day Film School

London A66

Everyone loves films; they have been entertaining us for generations regardless of background or culture. No matter how young or old a person is, it is always great to watch films. But have you ever thought about the proceess of creating a movie? MPW recently answered this question for us.

On the second Friday of term, the college invited the Young Film Academy to spend a day with year 12. This organisation helps young film makers to achieve their dreams. The day was split into two parts: the morning was all about learning and practice; and the afternoon was when we really got to work.

As part of the day, students were able to learn about the first film in the history, hacks and fake fighting. Did you know that in the film Dancing in the Rain, the Director used milk instead of actual water to look like raindrops? This is due to the transparency of the water which did not come out well on camera. This was one of the interesting facts that we learned.

After the talk, it was false fight time. It was interesting to learn that all the fights featured in James Bond are just acting and camera skills. No one fights for real in the films.

After the morning’s talk and fake fighting, students got the chance to create their own film. Yay! There were about seven teams, with interesting ideas for their films. Of course for each film you should have rules, and film day was no exception. We were instructed that each film should contain middle, close-up and far shots. The films should be less than five minutes and each group should have a crew. I was in a team with super talented and interesting people. We created a film called Crush. It is about a girl who is dreadfully in love with a boy, and she kills everyone who surrounds him because of her jealousy!

I must say, it wasn't an easy task as we needed to follow all the rules and include all of the shots. However, the process was very absorbing, and we became involved in our work. There was a screening of all the group’s films at the end of the day and our hard work was rewarded with an ‘Oscar’! I loved the day that we spent with the Young Film Academy as I met new people and got a chance to be involved in the 'real' process of film making.

Aizere Assylbek