Gap Year/Vacation Activities Fair 2016

London A50

For the sixth year running, the college’s annual Gap Year Fair took place on Wednesday 27th April. MPW students and their parents were treated to a host of inspiring ideas about how to make the most of their spare time during college vacations, as well as informing them about gap-year activities. This event is part of the broader education offered at the college, bearing in mind the increasing competition for university places and the importance of ensuring that each individual student’s personal statement stands out as part of their UCAS application.

As always, a wide range of speakers and companies was present including A Year in Industry, Raleigh International, Frontier, Volunteer Centre Kensington and Chelsea, Bunac, Lattitude (sic) and British Explorer. A measure of the evening’s success was the number of students and parents who asked pertinent questions at the end of the presentations.

Paul Anders Søgaard
Head of Lower Sixth