Maths Challenge

 London F11

The UKMT Senior Maths Challenge, organised by the University of Leeds, is a competition aimed at the best student mathematicians in the country and is designed to test powers of reasoning and logic in a series of 25 mind-bending puzzles. This is MPW’s ninth year in the competition and, once again, thanks to some outstanding mathematicians our students have performed extremely well. Nationally 10% of students are awarded Gold, 20% Silver and 30% bronze prizes in recognition of outstanding achievement. MPW can be proud that this year 29% of our students achieved a Gold award and a further 29% Silver. We are delighted to report that in addition to this our student Huairen Zhang achieved a distinction in the British Mathematical Olympiad; the second time in a decade that an MPW student has been awarded this prestigious accolade. 

For the second year running MPW students also competed in the UKMT Senior Team Challenge regional heat, held at King’s College, London. This is a group competition for sixth formers who compete in teams of four against other schools from around the UK to solve a series of challenges against the clock. This year Mike Zotov, Keijing Cui, Guenhoe Park and Shihao Ding represented MPW in three demanding rounds, putting their mathematical skills to the test against some stiff competition from some of London’s best-known schools. It was a tough three hour event with some 200 students taking part and although we didn’t quite replicate the success of last year we finished in a very respectable thirteenth place. 

Michael Danzelman


Think you have what it takes to be in next year’s Senior Maths Challenge competition? Then try this:

The Knave of Hearts tells only the truth on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. He tells only lies on all the other days. The Knave of Diamonds tells only the truth on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. He tells only lies on all the other days. On one day last week, they both said, “Yesterday I told lies.”

On which day of the week was that? 

A Sunday        B Monday       C Tuesday       D Thursday     E Friday


Answer given at the bottom of the page.



















Answer: E