Medical School Preparation Programme 2016

London A49

This year at MPW we have had a record number of students applying for Medical School and related degrees. Our medical programme has provided a number of speakers with different specialities, as well as laying on training in the various aptitude tests that students need to perform well in to be successful with their application. Seminars were run on how to be successful at the UKCAT, while the BMAT coaching session was opened to students from other independent schools and over 30 students benefited from the experience of Dr. Matt Tranter.

Of the other sessions the most vibrant without doubt was the “Medical Ethics” talk run by Dr Amy Wilson. For the first time, we offered a component of the programme to other students within the college. It was attended not only by our medics but also by a large number of Philosophy and Religious Studies students. The discussion generated by the students and their very different views on the various aspects of “ethics” was lively and enlightening and they all took away with them something to think about that would stand them in good stead in the future.

Dr Victoria Allen outlined during her talk the structure of the courses at the various medical schools and used her experiences of her time there to provide comparisons between school life and life at medical school. Many aspects other than the academic side were discussed with the students to give them a complete picture of the whole experience.

For the first time, we invited Dr Ricardo Tavares to the college. He represented the “Medic Portal”, an online resource available to all students applying to medical schools. Many of the students have since used this and benefited hugely. One of the aspects highlighted was how Admissions Officers are putting more emphasis on the references that schools supply with their students’ applications and Dr Tavares agreed to come and talk to our DOS team to make sure we were up to date with what exactly the universities are looking for.

The good news so far is that the majority of students have been invited for interview and received offers and, fingers crossed, the grades will follow. Good luck to all of our potential medics.

Simon Horner
Head of Science