Summer Work Experience

London A68

In the summer I wanted to gain some experiences to support my studies and future career options. My passion is modern foreign languages and French and Spanish in particular. With this in mind, I contacted one of France’s leading commercial law firms, CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre, via a friend’s father, and was offered a week’s work experience in Paris. A contract was then needed between the French firm, myself and my school called a Convention de Stage; and MPW helped prepare and complete the paperwork.

In Paris, my hotel was near the law firm, and rising early on Monday I walked to CMS’s smart offices. On arrival, I was taken to meet the senior partner, Stéphane, who had arranged my programme. Each morning and afternoon I was to shadow a different partner so as to see the range of specialist services the firm had to offer its clients. One day, I saw how the firm helped a multinational company with its cross-border pricing of transactions between India and France. On another day, I saw how a partner helped an international footballer whose tax affairs were being investigated in a number of countries. In my lunch breaks, I met some of the interns and practised my French further.

MPW helped me gain another valuable experience in the holidays by introducing me to ISLA, which runs Spanish language courses in Salamanca. This was an intense week, but with free time in the afternoons where I could explore the beautiful and historic city.

As I start my final year at MPW, these brief experiences in France and Spain have greatly increased my knowledge of life in these countries, my language skills, and options for the future.

John Udal