UKMT Senior Maths Challenge 2017

London A62

The UKMT Senior Maths Challenge, organised by the University of Leeds, is a competition aimed at the best student mathematicians in the country and is designed to test powers of reasoning and logic in a series of 25 mind bending puzzles. This was MPW’s tenth year in the competition and once again, thanks to some outstanding mathematicians, our students performed extremely well. Nationally 10% of students are awarded Gold, 20% Silver and 30% bronze prizes in recognition of outstanding achievement. MPW can be proud that this year 17% of our students achieved a Gold award and a further 37% Silver. Of note were Guenhoe Park, Harleen Dinghra, Shihao Ding and Yi Xuan Guo, all of whom made it through to the follow-on round, the Senior Kangaroo. Special congratulations to Zihao Su who also went on to compete in the highly demanding British Mathematical Olympiad.

Mike Danzelman

Think you have what it takes to be in next year’s competition? Then try this (answer at the bottom of the page):

Aaron has to choose a three-digit code for his bike lock. The digits can be chosen from 1 to 9. To help him remember them, Aaron chooses three different digits in increasing order, for example 278. How many such codes can be chosen?

A 779       B 504       C 168       D 84        E 9















Answer: D