Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

London F35

Over the half term in October, we embarked on a Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition in the South Downs.

There were four girls taking part in this trip. Initially, we were driven to the top of one of the hills and asked to find our campsite, carrying our large rucksacks all the way. Luckily, we were accompanied by one of the senior assessors, Richard. When we were climbing up hills, the wind was getting wild and it was difficult for us to climb. We made it finally, and stood on the top to enjoy the lush view (we couldn’t help taking pictures).

Day 2 we woke early and after a quick breakfast we were off for our seven-hour training walk with another experienced assessor, Fran. She taught us practical skills such as identifying complicated signs on the map and how to choose the right route to save time and energy.

The last day we woke up early, ready for our five-hour walk by ourselves. At the beginning, we were very confident on the route but it got harder and we were lost on the high hill for about half an hour mistakenly thinking that we had reached our final checkpoint. We contacted Fran, who came over and helped us. We continued to move on, all of us tiring from the steep hill and muddy road. We finally got to the view point to meet Fran at 2:30PM, an hour late because of getting lost before. We were so glad that we finished our task in the end even if we had to ask help from Fran during the expedition.

Overall, it was an exciting and challenging experience for all of us. We learnt a lot and became friends. We are so thankful to our assessors and Tuan (our DoFE leader).

Maggie He and Mavis Li