Geography Trip: Isle of Wight

London F21

Following a restful Easter break, the return to a new term could mean only one thing for the MPW A-Level Geographers: time for the annual Isle of Wight Geography fieldwork excursion. The residential fieldtrip entailed four days of intensive planning, collecting, and processing of a range of geography fieldwork data in order to ensure that the students were equipped with the knowledge and experience required for their final exam in June.

On Wednesday – helped along by the collective expertise of the staff of the Medina Valley Centre (MVC) together with MPW tutors Paul Turner, Michael McGrath and Emma Smith – the students successfully completed their main fieldwork investigation: ‘To what extent does the River Caul Bourne illustrate the typical characteristics of Bradshaw’s model of River Environments?’. This of course was achieved with the assistance of fine weather, fresh air and the island’s entertaining exotic wildlife – peacocks and pigs! Despite working hard late into the night (9.30pm), we all still managed to wind down, and relax over a spot of Connect Four and UNO with the MVC hosts Kate and Makaila.

Thursday’s aim was to gain an understanding of a range of alternative fieldwork skills to those of our main investigation. The day revolved around stopping at various coastal locations to identify possible hypotheses, and examining geographical questions, including of course the key one: ‘What is the range of ice-cream options available in Ventnor?’

Emma Smith