Emerging Technologies Conference

London F31

In November, A level ICT students from MPW went to Imperial College’s Emerging Technologies conference. The conference covered many areas of cutting-edge development. We were particularly interested in:

New digital methods in healthcare

For monitoring circadian cycles for individuals and society, technologies such as ‘nurse-orbs’ and ‘patient monitoring machines’ have been introduced. Digitalising the patient has become an easy way to recognise early symptoms preventing future health problems. These technologies can be available anywhere to anybody, which can affect hospitals as people are increasingly able to work their symptoms out themselves at home.

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team

The goal of the ICT department in the team is to make everything easier, faster and more reliable which in turn has to link to the performance of the car. Some of the future tech in F1 includes: robotics, AR/VR, automation and the consumerisation of the workplace.

3D Printing

3D printers have become increasingly viable and affordable for people outside of corporate organisations and 3D printing can be done at home on a small scale with designers/hobbyists buying CAD templates online and printing these designs at home. Some 3D products sell for thousands of pounds because of their unique design. 3D printers are able to produce designs that cannot be made by hand.

We really enjoyed the conference and learning about so many emerging technologies. It will be very interesting to see how these innovations develop in the future.

Ahmad Dikke Inde, Kiva Gujral and Saniya Singh