2013 CIFE Prizes at the House of Lords

2013 CIFE Prizes at the House of Lords

MPW students and selected members of staff were privileged to attend the annual Council for Independent Further Education (CIFE) Awards at the House of Lords on Monday 18th March. One of the highlights of the day is usually to have tea on the terrace overlooking the River Thames; sadly we were prevented from enjoying this outdoor treat on the day because of torrential rain, but the atmosphere and sense of occasion was in no way diminished.

Baroness Perry of Southward, CIFE President, presented awards to six of our students:
Silvester Ladanyi (A*A*A), currently reading Archaeology and Anthropology at Queen’s College, Cambridge, won the overall College Award.

Isabella Whiteway, a current AS student at MPW, won the CIFE award for GCSE (A*A*A*A*A*AAB). Lavinia Puccetti (A*A*A*A*) attained the CIFE Award for Humanities and English; she is currently reading History of Art at King’s College, Cambridge.

Helena Clark-Maxwell (A*AA) was presented with the CIFE Award for Languages and is reading Modern and Medieval Languages at St John’s College, Cambridge.

Jennifer Hoang (A*A*A*A*) won the CIFE Award for Social Sciences and is at Bristol reading Economics.

Finally, Tom Charman (A*AAA), currently reading Politics and Economics with International Study at the University of Exeter, achieved the CIFE Value Added Award.

All of these very deserving students and their families enjoyed their day at the House of Lords immensely and we are very proud of them. We extend our hearty congratulations to them all.