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Modern Foreign Languages are a Blessing!

Learning French has improved my confidence by leaps and bounds. My French tutor offered many ways and exercises to help boost my confidence without shaming me in any way. Although these exercises helped me a great deal, it was the manner with which she approached me about it that really helped me become more vocal in classes. Learning French has helped me realise my strengths and taught me to not be ashamed of my weaknesses and I will always be grateful for the opportunity.

A level Maths students bring home gold

Every year the UK Maths Trust organises several national competitions in Mathematics. The entry level competition for A level students of Mathematics is the Senior Maths Challenge. Tens of thousands of students sat the Challenge across the country this year. Among them were students of MPW Cambridge. This year we had 12 students qualifying for the gold award (scores of 76 and higher), 19 silver awards (scores of 61-75) and 23 bronze awards (scores of 49-60). This was a fantastic achievement and we are all very proud of them.

A* EPQ Student is One Step Ahead

The EPQ has been an invaluable experience for me where I have gained a range of skills in terms of research and time management. Prior to starting the actual EPQ, MPW incorporate a 12-week programme of Study and Research Skills lessons into Lower Sixth students’ timetables which is led by a tutor with strong experience in this area.

University of Cambridge connects MPW student to the British Museum

While discussing the progress of my EPQ with my personal tutor Markus Bernhardt, he picked up on my enthusiasm for the subjects of anthropology and archaeology and connected me with Dr Cameron Petrie, Reader in South Asian and Iranian Archaeology at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Trinity College. For me, this really exemplifies the importance of regular contact with personal tutors, which MPW ensures, as they are able to help you pursue your interests in ways which would be difficult or even impossible without their help.

Preparing Students for Medicine at MPW Cambridge

MPW has a long-standing tradition of guiding students along the path towards success, equipping them with the academic skills and personal strengths required to fulfil their ambition. Here, we give an insight into how we prepare students who look to secure a place to read Medicine.

Artificial Intelligence at Cambridge University - Anh attends a talk by Prof Andrew Blake, Chairman of Samsung's AI

We may think that AIs know everything, but they do not. In fact, their thought process is very different from ours. Individually, AI is only able to handle a certain task coded in their algorithms. Once these misconceptions about AI have been cleared and preparations are done, one day we may be ready to welcome robots and AI into our lives with open arms.

Visit to University of Cambridge's Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit

Our Psychology A level students benefit from having the Medical Research Council’s (MRC) Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit practically on our doorstep. This was such a marvellous opportunity for A level students to engage in academic debate with scientists about live research topics and I was very pleased to see how much MPW students were completely engaged with this.

MPW Cambridge Life - Cinema at the Arts Picturehouse

The original Arts Cinema in Market Passage opened in the 1930s as the Cosmo. Loved dearly by its countless fans, it had many quirks and faults: smelly drains, poor heating, no disabled access and – perhaps more critically - noise from outside during particularly gripping scenes. Its closure in 1999 was greeted with howls of protest and promises to open a bigger and better cinema back on the old Regal site were met with scepticism.

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