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Poetry Please

MPW London's annual poetry competition is now underway with students, staff and parents being encouraged to find their inner poet.


Being a seventeen year old in England is completely different to being a teenager in Kazakhstan. In England, you learn that the opportunities available to people are endless. I heard a lot of stories about volunteering abroad, something which is especially popular in UK.


In the summer of 2018, I signed up to a project named ‘Marine and Reef conservation’ (set up by the charity Frontier), because of my interest in preserving fragile ecosystems. My volunteering project was situated on Beqa Island, within the Fijian archipelago.

Henry Lloyd-Horton

Ekene Soludo and Luba Dzhioeva speak to Henry Lloyd-Horton about the inspiration behind his ISA award-winning piece.

The Friendly Spider Programme

Psychology students visited London Zoo, exploring reptile and insect enclosures as well as learning more about phobias and the physical therapies covered in the A level course. By the end of the day, and following group hypnosis, some were brave enough to hold a tarantula!

2018 CIFE Awards at the House of Lords

MPW London students did us proud at the 2018 awards, scooping 7 of the 20 national academic awards available.

A Mini adventure at the BMW factory

Eight groups of lower sixth Business and Accounting students toured the BMW Mini plant in Oxford earlier this year, enjoying a half day out together with class mates as well as a chance to see mass customisation and successful high value manufacturing in practice.

Celebrating the Year of the Dog

Preparation began in January for this year’s Chinese New Year event including Chinese food, a tea ceremony and dressing up teachers in traditional clothes. The students worked hard to plan the festivities and the celebration proved to be very popular.

What have the Romans ever done for us?

With this question in mind, GCSE History and Classics students set off from Paddington on a beautiful but very cold day to visit the baths built by the Romans in the first century AD and see what we could learn about Romans, baths and other things.

Politics trip to Westminster

At the great Westminster hall, which stands adjacent to the Houses of Parliament, crowds of students gathered with two common goals: to have their opinions challenged; and to challenge those of others.

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