International Foundation Programme Students - Case Histories

Marco - Switzerland


Marco joined MPW Cambridge on an International Foundation Programme (IFP). Having come to terms with his poor exam results, Marco realised during his gap year that he needed a change in his academic environment. 

International Foundation Programme at MPW was a huge opportunity, not only as I could discover new subjects but it also made me realise thanks to the teachers that my natural forte was in essay based subjects, rather than numerical ones. 


Coming to MPW at the age of 20 was rather a difficult decision, however MPW gave me what I was looking for - a nurtured approach to teaching and individualistic tutor sessions. Thanks to thorough weekly Timed Assignments my confidence in writing and exam technique has grown greatly. I was more than ready for the real exams. 

Looking back at my previous academic experience I never experienced a teacher who believed in me and who would push me towards my goals, apart from my parents. At MPW it was the first time I felt that the teachers believed in me, despite sometimes some poor Timed Assignment results they still pushed and encouraged me. MPW has definitely given me the second chance that I needed and prepared me for my next step with confidence. 

Marco has progressed to study International Development at King's College London.

Vladimir - Switzerland


The environment at MPW is one of the best I have encountered in my life. The teachers, the staff but also my director of studies have been present for me from the beginning of the year with the creation of my application (through personal meetings, drafting sessions, personal advice) up to the end of the year and the revision weeks that have been very intense and detailed. Moreover, I have been delighted with the quality of the courses as the teachers are passionate about their subjects and dedicated to their students. For me learning a new subject such as International Relations was a real pleasure. Indeed, this subject combines several other topics such as philosophy, economics, politics , history and geography which are interlinked. International relations has thus allowed me to expand my general knowledge about the globe.


Vladimir has won a place to study Maths with Management and Finance at King's College London.

Georgy - Georgia


IFP has helped me a great deal. The IFP lessons at MPW are interactive and involve everyone, which makes you enjoy each lesson. We are considering topics from different angles and apply different theories in all subjects. It makes studying more and more interesting. The IFP has taught me critical thinking and given me a huge motivation to work hard, when I understand how much I stiil have to learn. I believe the IFP was the main aspect for universities to send me an offer, considering the high academic standard of IFP. The course is intensive and requires a lot of work and I think universities appreciate it. The IFP has given me great experience and has prepared me very well for university life. I am sure admission officers understand it. This experience will also help me in the future after university. I applied for politics and economics, and in future I see myself in business and finance. I believe my background, including the IFP, will help me to achieve it.

Georgy has secured a place at University of Exeter to read Management and Business Economics.

Jerry - China


I attended the IFP course after my A-Levels. It helps me to underpin my knowledge in Maths and Economics, but also I study Politics and International Relations in the IFP, which is something I’ve never done before. The good thing about the IFP is that it’s strongly related to the real world, e.g the Cost Revenue Profit I learned from Maths, I might use it in real life situations. My favourite would be International Relations, as it approaches international affairs using many different theories and from many perspectives. Most of my A-levels were maths based, but in the IFP I have to write very long essays for Politics, IR and Economics. They have helped me to develop my essay writing skills, which means I don’t have to only focus on maths based courses when I am applying for university.

Jerry has secured a place to study Accounting and Finance at Cass Business School.

Nicolo - Switzerland


What I really liked about the IFP at MPW was the opportunity that it gave me to meet students from a range of other cultures and backgrounds. It also gave me the opportunity to study subjects that I would not otherwise have studied; for instance, International Relations was a totally new subject for me and I ended up loving it. In addition, the IFP enhanced my skills, not only in terms of the way I study but also in how I approach different situations. My English for Academic Purposes and IELTS lessons enabled me to reach a level of English that will help me to gain high grades in my future studies. All in all, I had a great experience at MPW on the IFP, because of the help and guidance I was given throughout my time there.

Nicolo has won a place to read Business Studies at Cass Business School.

Valeria - Russia


The IFP programme at MPW was an amazing experience in my life. Choosing the programme, which would provide me with a high quality education in one year and give me a good background for university entrance, was not easy. However, in MPW I found something that absolutely suited me. First of all, our teachers were wonderful, as they not only prepared us for exams, but also made us become even more interested in subjects, as we constantly discussed current affairs through the prism of science. Moreover, the fellow students in the group made my studies even more interesting, because our absolutely different backgrounds allowed us to share experience of each other and learn about life in other countries first hand. I am incredibly grateful to the college and the programme, as now I have got offers from 4 high ranking universities, which is the first step to become a professional in my sphere of economics and political studies.

Suraj - Malaysia


The IFP allowed me to consolidate my learning in economics and maths, while exposing me to subjects that I have not previously studied (Politics and International Relations) and have allowed me to realise my deep interest for those subjects! MPW provided an excellent learning environment for me and my fellow pupils. The teaching staff were excellent and challenged me to explore the subjects through further reading, which I enjoyed. MPW also played host to many informative and interesting lectures by prominent figures in Economics, Politics and International Relations. Attending these lectures deepened my interest in these subjects and provided me with the insight of learned professionals.

Catharina - Brazil


As I got interested in pursuing my higher education in the UK, more specifically at one of the top rank universities in London, the International Foundation Programme seemed the best route towards my aim. Knowing that it would be taught at a renowned college, MPW, made me sure that the course would be of the best quality academically. MPW's serious but yet relaxed and friendly environment was essential for my learning process. The members of staff were always very helpful and welcoming, which was great given that I'm an international student. The teachers, for instance, not only successfully delivered all the essential aspects of the syllabus in the programme, but were always incentivising us to learn extra topics independently and to discuss these in class, which was very relevant for my argumentative skills and intellect in general. Being interested in class helped me get offers from the universities I was aiming at, such as SOAS, Queen Mary and City University. My fellow students enhanced the many debates we had as we all expressed different opinions given that we all came from different countries and backgrounds. After the conclusion of this programme, I feel like I am prepared to enrol in my International Relations undergraduate course with a proper understanding of the subject and the others that are connected to it such as Politics, Economics and Statistics. As a graduate, I plan to follow the passion I have for looking after people and helping society overcome its inequalities and injustices on an International level, so I am looking at the UN as a future workplace.

Ilya - Russia


I have always wanted to receive a degree in Britain and the one-year International Foundation Programme (IFP) at MPW in London provided me with a perfect chance to get it. My education advisers in Moscow and London said that the IFP was an amazing opportunity for me and they were totally right. At MPW, I met brilliant teachers, who were able to prepare me for the competitive exams at the end of the year, and classmates from the different regions of the globe with whom I became friends. My director of studies also helped me a lot with the UCAS application and gave me strong advice on the level of universities in London. I was interested in the IFP topics, which were discussed in the lessons, because all of them were connected with current events, which have happened and are happening in the world. As a result of my studies on the IFP at MPW, I have received four offers from top universities: King’s College, SOAS, City University and Queen Mary, where the competition between students is tough. Some of these universities are the part of the Russell Group Universities, which are considered the best in Britain.

Nadine - Indonesia


Before coming to MPW, I did the IB Diploma programme in my previous school in Indonesia, but I did not feel comfortable with how the programme was structured so I quit and decided to join MPW to study the IFP. I chose MPW because I wanted to start being independent by moving overseas to continue my studies on my own, but at the same time I wanted to be in a school which offers small class sizes, and that’s what I liked the most about MPW. Most of my IFP classes are more discussion-based, which makes it more interesting because my classmates come from all over the world. MPW also enables me to have close relationships with my friends, teachers and Director of Studies, which makes the learning environment more supportive. At the same time, MPW also offers a degree of independence which allows me to have more control of my own studies, especially on the IFP programme, where the students are always encouraged to learn more independently through additional materials provided in the University of London VLE. I also enjoy the IFP way more than the IB because the subjects offered are subjects that I am really passionate about, so I can really focus myself on expanding my knowledge in the particular subjects without having to split my focus on other general subjects. Upon graduating, the IFP also earns you a University of London International Programme degree, which is a flexible degree enabling you to continue your undergraduate study at various universities, which is nice because we have different choices of universities to apply to. My teachers and Director of Studies helped me a lot with my UCAS application, from proof reading my personal statement drafts to giving suggestions about university choices, helping me to really choose which university would be best for me. The teachers here at MPW are also very approachable and engaging, which makes learning much more interesting. The first term of IFP was kind of a hard adjustment period for me, but my teachers and Director of Studies were always very supportive and they were willing to help me with anything I was struggling with. I have now received offers from Queen Mary and SOAS, University of London, to study Economics and Politics, City University, London, to study International Political Economics, and King’s College London to study European Politics.