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International Students

Success Stories

Success Stories

International Foundation Programme Students

"International Foundation Programme at MPW was a huge opportunity, not only as I could discover new subjects but it also made me realise thanks to the teachers that my natural forte was in essay based subjects, rather than numerical ones. Coming to MPW at the age of 20 was rather a difficult decision, however MPW gave me what I was looking for - a nurtured approach to teaching and individualistic tutor sessions. Thanks to thorough weekly Timed Assignments my confidence in writing and exam technique has grown greatly. I was more than ready for the real exams. Looking back at my previous academic experience I never experienced a teacher who believed in me and who would push me towards my goals, apart from my parents. At MPW it was the first time I felt that the teachers believed in me, despite sometimes some poor Timed Assignment results they still pushed and encouraged me. MPW has definitely given me the second chance that I needed and prepared me for my next step with confidence. "


"The environment at MPW is one of the best I have encountered in my life. The teachers, the staff but also my director of studies have been present for me from the beginning of the year with the creation of my application (through personal meetings, drafting sessions, personal advice) up to the end of the year and the revision weeks that have been very intense and detailed. Moreover, I have been delighted with the quality of the courses as the teachers are passionate about their subjects and dedicated to their students. For me learning a new subject such as International Relations was a real pleasure. Indeed, this subject combines several other topics such as philosophy, economics, politics , history and geography which are interlinked. International relations has thus allowed me to expand my general knowledge about the globe. "


Progressed to: Maths with Management and Finance at King's College London.

"IFP has helped me a great deal. The IFP lessons at MPW are interactive and involve everyone, which makes you enjoy each lesson. We are considering topics from different angles and apply different theories in all subjects. It makes studying more and more interesting. The IFP has taught me critical thinking and given me a huge motivation to work hard, when I understand how much I still have to learn. I believe the IFP was the main aspect for universities to send me an offer, considering the high academic standard of IFP. The course is intensive and requires a lot of work and I think universities appreciate it. The IFP has given me great experience and has prepared me very well for university life. I am sure admission officers understand it. This experience will also help me in the future after university. I applied for politics and economics, and in future I see myself in business and finance. I believe my background, including the IFP, will help me to achieve it."


Progressed to: niversity of Exeter to read Management and Business Economics.

"I attended the IFP course after my A-Levels. It helps me to underpin my knowledge in Maths and Economics, but also I study Politics and International Relations in the IFP, which is something I’ve never done before. The good thing about the IFP is that it’s strongly related to the real world, e.g. the Cost Revenue Profit I learned from Maths, I might use it in real life situations. My favourite would be International Relations, as it approaches international affairs using many different theories and from many perspectives. Most of my A-levels were maths based, but in the IFP I have to write very long essays for Politics, IR and Economics. They have helped me to develop my essay writing skills, which means I don’t have to only focus on maths based courses when I am applying for university."


Progressed to: Accounting and Finance at Cass Business School


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