Christmas Carol Service

London A55

MPW’s Carol Service is one of the highlights of the festive season and this year was no different. We are very grateful to St Augustine’s Church for always hosting this event for us. The church is a beautiful space for such a service and always wonderfully decorated with an enormous tree and golden fairy lights on all its pillars, complementing the dramatic golden reredos. The evening is a welcome opportunity for the MPW community to come together at the end of the Autumn Term to celebrate Christmas and enjoy a festive evening of singing, mulled cider and mince pies.

George Butler of Singing for Syria introduced the service by explaining the importance of the charity’s work and we are delighted to confirm, following the concert, that the generous contribution of the congregation raised £576.70 for the Hands Up Foundation. This will assist the Foundation in their two current programmes: supporting the salaries of seven medical staff in Aleppo and funding two prosthetic limb clinics.

We are very lucky at MPW to have so many talented performers every year and this service was no different. The singing was introduced through a Once In Royal David’s City solo from Manisha Cooray which the chorus then rousingly joined in with. Manisha later treated us to a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Halleluiah. We also very much enjoyed hearing Sam Grade perform the 3rd Movement of the Capuzzi Concerto for Double Bass in D Major and Zhibin Yang’s delightful violin recital of Traumerei by Schumann as well as the very talented vocalists Natasha Darby and Lucianna Gaye singing White Christmas (Bing Crosby) and Stay (Rihanna), respectively. Thanks must also go to those who performed readings: Sarah Blake, Lauren Mullen, Theo Payne, Nora Alihajdaraj, Fred Brittin, John Southworth and James Barton as well as the Rev Tim Stillwell for another brilliant and thought-provoking Christmas Message.

Finally, thank you to Maya Waterstone. Every year you work so hard to bring us together in a wonderful demonstration of Christmas and college spirit. Long may it continue.

Jo Carter