Principal's Lecture: How To Be Appy In The Modern World

London A38

At the end of September we were lucky enough to be visited by Salman Chaudhry and Alex Grinkevich, co-founders of the Leap Coding School, who came to MPW to give a lecture on computer coding and the creation of apps.  It was a really interesting talk as it related very well to what we are currently studying in ICT at A2. Mr Chaudhry started the talk by saying that applications (‘apps’) are the future of technology. He talked about businesses that have appeared in the last five years and the potential financial earnings you could earn through programming.

He then started describing the process it takes to make an app. He explained the system life cycle and other parts of a system that were relevant to our ICT A-Level course.

In the next section of the presentation Alex Grinkevichgave us a demonstration on how to code using Apple’s new programming language, Swift, which was designed to be easier to program. Mr Grinkevichexplained that by creating this new language, Swift, more people would be able to code and that in return Apple would make more money from their app store.

It was clear from the talk that while you don’t have to be an excellent programmer to create an app and make money from it, a good understanding of code and how long it takes to develop an app will help you understand how much to pay someone to develop the system for you.

Salman Chaudhry finished the talk by describing the work that the Leap Coding School are now doing within education. They are running workshops within schools as well as weekend courses to inspire younger students to code, creating a generation of people who will better understand how these tools can be used for recreation and business alike.

Louis Howard and Olga Semenova