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Easter Revision Courses 2023

We’ve been running Easter Revision courses for over 30 years. These courses build understanding and confidence by providing intensive revision of core topics, daily examination practice and help with study and revision skills.

Our tutors are highly-qualified graduates whose experience at MPW has trained them to be particularly adept at building students’ confidence quickly and efficiently. Many are GCSE and A level examiners and are therefore attuned to the requirements and approaches of the various examination boards.

Expect to be worked hard during our Easter Revision courses and note that Easter students are taught in the same small groups (maximum of 9 students) as our main courses.

Why do A level Revision Courses?

Summer examinations are of pivotal importance for lower-sixth as well as upper-sixth students. For lower-sixth students, regardless of whether the examinations are internal or external, their results will have considerable influence on their UCAS references and predicted grades. For upper-sixth students, their results will determine their university and career prospects.

Why do GCSE Easter Revision Courses?

GCSE results have always been an important milestone but their significance today is greater than ever. Government led reforms mean that the examinations are now more challenging. Schools and colleges are also raising their requirements for sixth-form entry. Furthermore, with A levels becoming linear, university tutors are paying much closer attention to applicants’ GCSE grades. Not surprisingly, students are keen to ensure that their exam preparations are as comprehensive and streamlined as possible during the final few weeks before their examinations begin.

Easter Revision 2023

Week 1: Monday 3 April – Friday 7 April
Week 2: Monday 10 April – Friday 14 April
Week 3: Monday 17 April – Friday 21 April

(Good Friday is 7 April 2023; Easter Monday is 10 April 2023)