Easter Revision: GCSE and IGCSE

Our GCSE courses are, in general, not board- or syllabus-specific. This is because the National Curriculum sets out prescribed core topic areas, which must be covered by all syllabuses. It is on these core topics that our GCSE courses focus. If care is taken to enter on the registration form the examining board and syllabus number, we can alert parents if their son or daughter is being taught pilot, experimental or otherwise unusual syllabuses, which would be incompatible with the courses on offer.

GCSE Subjects

Please note that we only offer the Higher tier on all syllabuses.

For each subject you can view the course outline by clicking on the link. 


Level(s) offered

Biology IGCSE
AQA GCSE (Reformed)
Chemistry IGCSE
AQA GCSE (Reformed)
English Language GCSE/IGCSE (Reformed)
English Literature GCSE/IGCSE (Reformed)
French Edexcel IGCSE
Geography Edexcel IGCSE
German IGCSE
Italian Edexcel GCSE
Latin OCR GCSE (Reformed)
Mathematics (Higher) Edexcel IGCSE (Reformed)
GCSE (Reformed)
Music Edexcel GCSE (Reformed)
Physics IGCSE
AQA GCSE (Reformed)
Combined Science (Double Award) IGCSE
Spanish IGCSE